About Art Scoops

ArtScoops is a marketplace for collectors, presenting contemporary MEA art and objects from artists and galleries; auctions and private sales.


ArtScoops features artworks from leading international galleries and artists. Learn about and buy art, and receive insider access to special offers and exclusive content from us.
Your opinion counts with ArtScoops. We believe in collaboration and growing together. Ultimately the best way to accomplish our mission is to create long-term value for our buyers, collectors and partners. We accomplish this by offering unique artworks accompanied by unbiased and independent information on the artwork and artist; live auction and advisory services; a platform to explore art and artists with a secure payment gateway; global coverage, and more.
We will continue to concentrate on services we believe are in the best interests of our users. Our long-term approach is to invest, innovate and increase the value of our platform for both buyers and partners.
Our offering is designed to make the process of buying art easy, and for our clients to view ArtScoops as a mature and innovative e-commerce platform.


Our vision is to create a 24/7 platform where you can purchase artworks directly from contemporary artists and commercial galleries. You are not limited by hours of operations or location. The fundamental power of our platform lies in being futuristic, collaborative and innovative in our approach, while offering full transparency on the business of buying art.

How to Find Us

Abdul Hadi Street,

1164 Tabaris, Apt 7, Ashrafieh,

Beirut, Lebanon

Tel: +961 (0)1 345 011

Email:  info@artscoops.com

Website: www.artscoops.com


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday | 9am – 6.00pm

Forthcoming Auctions



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