About Zacke

50 Years of Asian Art Expertise 

Galerie Zacke was founded 50 years ago in Vienna and has been a fixture of the Asian art market for decades, with countless exhibitions and sales. We are a family business of three generations working together with a passion for the fascinating world of Asian art. Some of the many catalogs we have published are highly sought-after today, offering unique insights into rare items such as Japanese samurai swords, archaic Chinese jades and the earliest known colored woodblock prints.

Vienna’s Largest Asian Art Gallery

Vienna has always been a hub for art collectors and a vibrant marketplace for art of all kinds, and Galerie Zacke has been at the epicenter of the Asian art market in Central Europe since the very beginning. We were among the first in the region to exhibit netsuke and organized several symposia on the subject, which attracted worldwide attention between 1984 and 1993. Over the years we have forged close relationships with our clients and built a strong reputation among important collectors, industry professionals and artists alike.

Over 20 Years of Asian Art Auctions

Galerie Zacke held its first Asian art auctions in 1995. Since then, our audience has grown exponentially, especially with the advent of online auctions. Working with various online platforms and drawing on a broad list of trusted clients around the world, we are consistently able to fetch exceptionally high prices for items we offer at auction.  

Galerie Zacke

Sterngasse 13, 1010 Vienna

Tel: +43 (1) 532 04 52

Email: office@zacke.at

Website: www.zacke.at

Business Hours

Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM Central European Time (CET)
As well as by appointment

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